Quotes from Famous Alumni

I'm so excited to see MediaMOO revived! It was a product of a unique moment in internet history. But the idea of bringing together great people for meaningful and playful interaction is timeless.

- Amy Bruckman

We have amazing memories of MediaMOO because that is where we met, totally by accident, on May 9, 1994. We learned much there and transferred it to our own Lingua MOO one year later. But MediaMOO was the real beginning of truly rhetorical and collaborative interaction for many researchers in the early days of the internet!

- Cynthia Haynes and Jan Holmevik

I guess my favorite things about MediaMOO were my description, which went something like: 'Square face, square glasses, square nose, square beard, and big, square lips. Invertebrate in the face of danger. Has the ability to retract completely into his pocket protector, which is also a slide rule.' Also, my room name and description, The Panopticon, and my bot-tender, Skeeziks.

- Michael Day

Wow, so exciting. My quote is from a moo bot I customized. 'I had a pony once'.

- Joyce Locke Carter

Wandering inside MediaMOO is an odd feeling. I suspect it is very much as an Adventurous Archaeologist feels when first wandering the streets of an ancient city lost for thousands of years. Such wonders, such fascinations.

- Kevin Jepson