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MOO Resources

Title Description Links
LambdaMOO Programming Manuals All three of the original LambdaMOO and LambdaMOO Core programmer's manuals. The manuals are in HTML form for easy use online. If you want a copy for yourself there is a zip file available here. LamadaMOO Manuals Online
MOO Database Browser A Core Database Browser with several MOO cores to examine. All properties, Verbs, and Verb Code can be examined. Currently there are 9 cores available to look at including the Original LambdaMOO core. MOO Database Browser
MediaMOO Database Browser A version of the Database Browser setup to examine the database of MediaMOO itself!
The files are very large and will take some time to load so please be patient.
MediaMOO Database Browser access by request only!
The Barn The support site for the enCore Learning Environment.
This site also has lots of links to general MOO information applicable to MediaMOO. The site is maintained by Kevin Jepson and is located at the University of Western Michigan.
The Barn